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Marketing Communications Services that Generate Profitable Growth 

Serving Coaches, Consultants, Small Businesses, Colleges & Universities since 1999.

Helping Your Business Grow

Excellent marketing communications is about making your audience aware of your existence and purpose, which leads to trust and the desire to do business with you.

This requires a marketing communications strategy that leverages your strengths and consistently delivers the correct information to the right people at the right time through the right media.

And that’s where I help.

For more than 25-years, I have been providing a wide array of for-profit and non-profit organizations with the marketing communications services they need to achieve their growth goals.

And to ensure you enjoy a positive ROI, I offer you affordable options that range from mentorship and coaching to training and development and rolling up my sleeves to get the work done for you.  

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Primary and secondary. Qualitative and Quantitative. Helping identify opportunities and threats in the market, and better understand your audience’s wants and needs

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From integrated marketing communications plans to digital marketing (SEO, SEM/PPC, Email, Mobile, Podcasts, Video, and more), traditional media (TV, radio, out of home, direct mail, events, etc.), messaging and offer strategies, new customer acquisition, and retention campaigns.

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Design, content creation, copywriting, app development

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Interim/Part-time CMO

Affordable staffing solutions for your marketing communication needs.

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Digital Marketing

Digital marketing planning and execution with an emphasis on data analytics, SEO/SEM/PPC, media planning, automation, and testing

Direct Marketing

If your business sells directly to a consumer or business audience, let me help design your integrated direct marketing action plan, message and offer strategy, and more.

pat mcgraw interim CMO

A Few Of The Organizations I Have Worked With...

Working with small, mid-sized and large organizations across a broad-array of industries has allowed me to deliver profitable results to these and other organization. For a more complete list, click here.

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