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In my content marketing portfolio, you will find examples of work I have done for myself and my clients.  

All of the work shown here has produced successful results.  And you also can see what clients and colleagues have to say about me, and my work.

I  am a creatively strategic writer and content creator that specializes in brand building, lead generation, customer loyalty/retention in both offline and online media. 

My work includes creating web pages, landing pages, blog posts, email, texts, social media, interactive presentations, scripts for podcasts, digital media,  broadcast media, print, out-of-home, direct mail, and more.

Best of all, my work is designed to efficiently achieve the business goals of my clients.  Please note that projects that are designed to achieve specific measurable objectives help you understand the ROI on my work for you.


Click on the industries below to see the organizations I have worked with over the years.

Email Marketing

The following are of email marketing campaigns that I have been responsible for designing and writing as well as overseeing scheduling, reporting, list hygiene, segmentation, A/B testing and more.  

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dws associates

Writing for presidents, provosts, and senior marketing/enrollment officers at more than 2,000 private and public colleges and universities in the U.S. about ways to more effectively recruit, retain and graduate students.

Writing for presidents and board chairs of non-profit organizations including colleges and universities on topics from board effectiveness, institutional effectiveness, and strategic planning.

Writing for coaches, consultants, solopreneurs and small business owners that are searching for more effective ways to grow their businesses.


Please click on the logo to access the articles published on these sites. If you have any questions, please contact me and I will be happy to make other arrangements for you to access these articles.

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Here is what a few of my colleagues, co-workers, employers, and clients have to say about me.

Blog Posts

A well-managed blog is a magnet that attracts your audience to your site for the information they need.  Take it a step further – it’s a great opportunity for your audience to ask questions and comment on topics important to them so you can respond with even more value.  That’s how relationships are built – so make sure you are getting the most from your blog and posts.

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Writing to support the firm’s lead generation and retention strategies, these posts focused mostly on the higher education sector.  The readers are concerned about achieving enrollment/tuition revenue goals in a highly competitive market with a target audience that is reluctant to incur debt.  Because of this, the posts focus on ways to improve performance in recruitment and retention.

A small boutique consulting firm that works with non-profits in higher education and community groups, innov8edu wants a professional yet friendly tone to reflect each consultant.  

The goal of the site is to build awareness and interest while hitting on the hands-on approach these consultants bring to the relationship.

Providing coaches, consultants, solopreneurs and small business owners with practical advice for how to use content marketing to more efficiently grow their businesses. 

Published Books

To learn more about these books, please click on the image and you will be taken to their sales page on Amazon.  

A short “How to” guide for small business owners and marketing professionals searching for ways to grow their businesses with content marketing.  Available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle Reader.

Ghostwritten by me, this book is a series of tips, hints and practical advice from a former university president to today’s leaders of higher education.  Available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle Reader.


innov8edu is a boutique consulting firm offering strategic planning services to nonprofits in higher education and community groups.

This site is designed to offer current and prospective clients an overview of what the firm offers and the individual members of the team.

To visit the site, please click the image to the right.

Case Studies

Well written case studies can turn the “somewhat convinced” to “I want what you offer” because they need to see a real-life example with someone not on your payroll talking about their wants and need along with how your services exceeded their expectations.  Written case studies are great – so are video interviews where the client gets to speak freely about their experiences with your business.  Click on the images to download a PDF copy of these samples.  

People love stories. They remember the details of a story much better than they remember a list of features and benefits.  That’s why case studies so effective – they grab the reader’s attention and interest in an engaging way.

A well-crafted case study is so much more impressive than listening to a salesperson go on and on the product they want you to buy.

Why?  Because you get to read about someone just like you that found the solution to wants and needs similar to your own with the product you are considering.


Some people like to skim – and a well-designed infographic is a highly-effective tool for this audience.  Short, sweet, and to the point – infographics give the reader what they want fast and easy.

Click on the images to download a PDF copy of these samples.  

Straight-forward tops for growing your email subscriber list – check it out and let me know what you think.

And once you have all those subscribers, you are going to need some great subject lines to motivate them to open your emails – and this infographic has some great tips to make that happen!

White Papers & Guide

Remember, when you audience realizes they have a need, their first step is to search for information. 

What are my options? How do I make sure I select the right solution for me? What kinds of questions should I be asking to make sure I make the best decision?

For those buyers, white papers and guides and even checklists help address their needs at this early stage of their buying process – and they position you as a subject-matter expert that can be trusted for easy to understand insights.  Plus, white papers, guides and checklists are highly effective ways to build your email subscriber list which is key to attraining your business goals.

Click on the images to download a PDF copy of these samples.  

Co-written with my colleague, this report offers readers a step-by-step process for creating their own competitive intelligence program that helps businesses beat the competition.  This has been downloaded more than 1,000 times – a great source of high-quality leads.

There’s nothing better generating new clients than providing them with the details and watching them realize that’s more work than they want to tackle.  When it comes to small business owners, coaches and consultants, this guide answers their questions and convinces them to hire the expertise.


Some people prefer to roll up their sleeves and do rather than read, watch or listen – and that’s where interactive content comes in.

Don’t believe me – check out this research from The Content Marketing Institute, which found that 81% of the marketers surveyed say “interactive content grabs attention more effectively than static content.” 

Click on the images to access these examples.  

Co-written with my colleague, this report offers readers a step-by-step process for creating their own competitive intelligence program that helps businesses beat the competition.  This has been downloaded more than 1,000 times – a great source of high-quality leads.

Surveys, assessments, polls – these are also highly effective ways to grab your audience’s attention – and this one example has helped generate dozens of highly qualified leads within a few short months.

Video & Audio & Online Courses

In 2019 over 32% of Americans have listened to podcasts regularly every month, which is 90 million people. By 2022 this number is expected to go up to 47% and 132 million people.

My podcast, Marketing Stuff, is written and produced by me.  The audience is small business owners, marketing professionals searching for ways to grow their businesses.  The podcast is available through Anchor.FM, Apple podcasts, Google podcasts, Spotify and others.

Check out the video, audio and presentations in my Advanced Email Marketing certificate course – make sure you use the coupon code email2020 to gain free access to the course.

Online courses offer a fantastic way to attract new clients and differentiate you from the competition.  My 10-years of online teaching and curriculum development skills can help you develop great online courses for your audience.

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