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content marketing strategy

Simplified Content Marketing Strategy

Here’s a simplified content marketing strategy that lets you address the key points and get started slowly – and the reason is that too often, strategies can get overly complex which can lead to failure. Content Marketing Strategy: Big Issues You will need to address the following questions to get started. What is the problem?

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content marketing personas

Content Marketing Personas Drive Quality Leads

Content marketing personas are important – and they don’t bite so here are a few tips to help you generate personas that drive great content. What is a content marketing persona? Think of a content marketing persona as a composite sketch of a target audience based on validated factors – known things rather than gut

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Content Marketing Generates More Qualified Leads

Content marketing is, for many organizations, misused if not overlooked entirely.  And that’s a shame because when used properly, it will generate more qualified leads for your business. Let me give you an example. People work in various professions and they are typically looking for ways to advance their careers.  For some, that means staying

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