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podcast distribution

Part 3: Podcast Distribution and Listeners

NOTE: This is Part 3 in a series. You can read Part 1 and Part 2. You have your podcast strategic plan in place.  You have your first several episodes mapped out. Now you need to look at distribution so you can attract more listeners. Podcast Distribution Plan Start with your clients and prospects. Make

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buyers search

What do 86% of Buyers Search for?

What do buyers search for when they realize they have a need or a problem? Well, prospective buyers typically do not wake one morning and jump out of bed thinking “I need to buy Brand X today!” Most wake up, realize they have a need and begin gathering information about that need so they understand

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Part 2: Developing Your Podcast Plan

Developing your podcast plan is the next step in the series. In Part 1 Should You Start Your Own Podcast, we covered the reasons to give podcasts some consideration and how to determine if they make sense for you – and your audience. So, you have decided to take the next step and that means

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How To Start A Successful Podcast

I can only imagine how many rolled their eyes at ‘start a successful podcast’ – but think about this for a moment. 73 MILLION AMERICANS – 26% OF THE US POPULATION – LISTEN TO PODCASTS MONTHLY. And think about it – you have the content experts right there in the office with you that can

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Thank you pages

7 Ways Your Thank You Pages Can Increase ROI

Your Thank You Pages can increase ROI – but why do so many overlook the opportunity? You are at a party, enjoying yourself immensely. Suddenly, the president of a local business that you have been trying to meet for months enters the room.  They walk directly to you, smile, introduces themselves saying “We really should

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