3 Amazingly Simple Ways To Double-Digit Growth


What would be the impact on your business if you could make a couple of modifications with your existing resources and generate double-digit increases in areas like high-quality lead generation, new customer acquisition, retention, and referrals?

Well, here are 3 common ways others have been able to produce that level of improvement – and higher.

Focus on Audience Benefits

Take a look at your emails, web copy, blogs – all of your content.  Does the copy focus on your audience’s benefits? Or does it focus on your product features?  

Modify your copy so that you are emphasizing the benefits your audience will enjoy thanks to your products and you should see more interest and inquiry from those people that really want what you offer.

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Go To Your Audience

A lot of businesses rely on email marketing to communicate with their customer base and prospects – but that 30% Open Rate means 70% aren’t opening your email, or getting your message.  You’re not communicating with a large number of people – and you need to find out where they are going to get the information they use to make a purchase.

Once you know where they are, what media they prefer, go there and use it.    

Let me give you an example.  Research tells us that about 46% of Gen Z cited email marketing as an important factor in their buying decisions.  So what about the other 54%?  Are you reaching them through their preferred channels – or do you need to make a change in how you distribute content so you can reach more of this audience?

Automation Should Not Be Forgotten

During a recent Content Marketing Assessment, I discovered a client was sending outdated information to their prospects. This past week, I received emails from a couple of my peers that had links to insecure web pages rather than the files they wanted me to download and read. In all cases, the problem was the projects were automated – and once they had been completed, they hadn’t been tested in months.

Imagine the impact of getting the right information into the hands of the right people at the right time can have on your performance. And nothing I mentioned requires more resources – it just requires some changes in focus and process.

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A Few Closing Thoughts

You and your team are crazy busy.  I get that.  But what I just walked you through is the low-hanging fruit that can have a fast and dramatic impact on sales.  

And if you need outside help getting these things done, remember that the ROI on this work can be amazing. – so don’t get caught up in spending $1 when the payoff should be greater.  (Call me, I can help with this and provide you with a proposal that shows you the potential upside for you.)

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