7 Ways Your Thank You Pages Can Increase ROI

Your Thank You Pages can increase ROI – but why do so many overlook the opportunity?

You are at a party, enjoying yourself immensely. Suddenly, the president of a local business that you have been trying to meet for months enters the room.  They walk directly to you, smile, introduces themselves saying “We really should meet and figure out how our companies can work together.”

At that moment, you have two choices.

One is to say, “Thank you”, then spin on your heels and walk away, leaving this very important person with the potential to help you achieve your professional goals standing there and wondering “WTH?”

The other is to engage them in a conversation, getting the details of the requested meeting worked out along with both parties sharing some additional information that will help both of you feel good about the possibility of working together.

Which option would you take?

Now, let me ask you a question. When I complete and submit one of your company’s web forms, will I be directed to a web page that reads “Thank you” or will I be directed to a page that further engages with me?


Don’t Waste the Opportunity!

They just took the time to share information with you – don’t shut them down.  Instead, try to keep them engaged with a well thought out, relevant response and offer to continue the exchange.

For example, on the above page – why not…

Set Expectations!

With the above page, someone just subscribed to something.

What happens next? Is there anything I need to do? Is it appropriate to provide a link to the archive so they could browse recent issues?

Get More Information!

As we wrote in 7 LANDING PAGE TIPS FOR SUCCESS, your web form should be minimal – so now you should be considering those other questions you need to qualify and prioritize the lead.

Ask them if they would share a little more information so you can share relevant information with them moving forward – set it up as a benefit to them that you wish to provide.

“Thanks for subscribing – to help us provide you with relevant information moving forward, please answer these 3 short questions.”


Thank them for taking action and then suggest connecting on social media and then list the benefits along with the links.

This is an extremely strong move when you use the various social media platforms to deliver unique experiences.  For example:

Follow us on Facebook for fun and prizes.  Instragram offers you incredible video content.  Our twitter accounts offer you news (@news), tips of the day (@tips) and analysis (@analysis).

Social Proof

They just took a step forward with you – show them testimonials that confirm the wisdom of their decision to take the step.  Cut off any concerns over ‘buyer’s remorse’ and share testimonials, awards.

Make An Offer

This can be [ex] download this checklist or white paper, or it can be “Save 50% if you buy today” or “Save 50% on your first purchase”.


Another wise move is to introduce them to the team that will be there to assist them moving forward.  For example, you bought a car and registered with the dealer for a maintenance reminder program.  On the Thank you page, show the maintenance team along with credentials/experience and contact information.

The benefit here is that you have given them a face to go with the company and service which allows for the prospective client to put a name with a face – and that can be key because it’s all about working with people.

Link to More Relevant Content

Place a link or two on the page that will provide them with options on what to learn about you next.  Earlier, we mentioned links to newsletter archives, so they can browse past issues after subscribing.  Well take that a step further – maybe a link to the webinar registration page.

What if they signed up to receive product information – ask them to click and subscribe to your newsletter.

Concluding Thoughts on Thank You Pages

So, what do you think? Did I cover it all? Miss a few things? (You know if I did miss anything, I sure would love it if you mentioned it in the Comments.)

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