9 Key factors to Great E-Newsletter Writing

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Here are 9 key factors to great e-newsletter writing – the kind of factors that many overlook for a variety of reasons so feel free to print this out and use it as a checklist.

  • Who, what, when, where and why along with how – answer those questions in your content.
  • Research and cite sources and use quotes and facts and statistics…readers want to be informed.
  • Be short and concise. Respect their time.
  • Remember proofreading and editing – preferably by someone else that knows how.
  • Leave the sales hype for the promotional offers, not the newsletter content. Yes, you can have [ex] 2 or 3 articles and an offer. But this is NOT a hard push sales piece – the goal is to inform, engage, build trust.
  • Aim for the click – you want them to click the link to “Read more” or “Download” because that signifies they are engaged. And when you get them to your site to finish the story…you have that opportunity for them to go read about those services you offer that they aren’t all that aware of…
  • Be reliable and consistent…in terms of look, tone, quality, and even when the newsletter arrives in their Inbox.
  • Remember to write so that you answer “What’s in it for me” for the reader – give them benefits.
  • Have the newsletter set up so that the reader can simply hit Reply to send you a question or comment…and be sure that email comes to your Inbox so you can respond ASAP.

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