Best Advice for Improving Your Content Marketing Performance

Content marketing performance got you up late at night? Welcome to the club – but here are some things to calm your nerves.

Content marketing is really about making life less difficult for people, removing impediments rather than adding them. Here’s the way out of this conundrum: Treat every content endeavor like you are communicating with your best friend. Source: Does Content Marketing Fuel Our Worst Instincts

So focus on the quality, not the quantity of content you’re pushing out there.  Nothing improves content marketing performance more than high-quality content that the reader finds uniquely valuable.

Focus on the value to the reader, not the satisfaction of your boss or peer that really wanted to stress a certain feature.  That helps with your organic ranking – and that helps drive traffic to your site creating more high-quality leads.

Be you.  Be real.  Don’t get caught up in some type of “corporate tone and manner” that’s more robotic than human.

Focus on the message – it’s value and relevancy to the reader – over design and presentation.  Let the knowledge lead the way.

What do you think?  Good advice?  Share your thoughts…

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