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Use the Right Channel to Deliver Your Message Clearly, Concisely

Remember when the goal was to successfully communicate with others – you know, use the right channel to deliver your message to the right people, clearly and accurately so all parties understand? So I was reading this article about a former writer from the Simpsons offering up some constructive criticism and helpful ideas to McDonald’s via Twitter.

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Has Marketing Really Changed?

“Marketing has changed!” I hear that a lot and when I ask why or how, I get an earful of “social media”, “inbound marketing”, “content marketing” and “marketing is about engagement and storytelling, not interrupting the consumer’s life with an ad!” Then they typically try to sell me their services…in social media or inbound marketing,

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Optimism is Overrated or Why I am a Realist

I was reading this morning’s news and came across this article, The Sad Truth about Optimism: It’s Overrated and had to laugh. You see, I’m a realist.  I ask questions.  I try to dive deeper and get a deeper understanding of the situation – the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats. That drives optimists absolutely batshit crazy.

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content marketing

Omnichannel social selling or Why Your Marketing Sucks

“Omnichannel social selling based upon digital inbound storytelling engages buyers in order to deliver personalized re-marketing messages that humanize the brand.” I grow tired of marketing jargon, aka bullsh*t. Can’t we just talk about the fact that your business doesn’t [a] understand its target audience/segments, [b] understand the competition, [c] understand the market, and [d]

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