Complimentary Marketing Analysis

A Thorough Analysis That Drives Improved Performance

You spend a lot of time, effort and money on marketing – and you need to constantly find more efficient ways to use those resources to generate more high-quality leads that convert as quickly as possible into buyers.

The analysis is a lead generation optimization program that  provides you with practical recommendations for generating more high-quality leads.

Your complimentary analysis includes:

✔ Target Audience Analysis: You need to know your target audience – from the potential size of the audience universe to projections addressing the size of the opportunity for your business to determine budgets, goals and more.

And you need to know who your target audience is – from demographics, psychographics, behavioral and geograhic factors to their wants, needs, expectations, perceptions, buying process and selection criteria so you can address message, offer, media and contact strategies.

This portion of your analysis makes sure you have this level of insight to drive your decision making and success.

✔ Campaign Performance Analysis:  You need to know what campaigns are driving the most sales and the lowest costs so you can make adjustments that maximize your sales performance – and I dive into your campaign performance data to identify ways you can improve results.

And this means all campaigns – digital and offline, across paid, earned, owned and social media.

✔ Message and Offer Strategy Analysis: You need benefit rich, relevant messages and relevant, valuable offers at each stage of the buyer’s journey otherwise you risk losing them to the competition – I evaluate your current message and offer strategies by segment and stage in the buying cycle and offers practical recommendations for improving results.

✔ Media and Contact Strategy Analysis: The most incredible message and offer is less effective when the wrong media is used at the wrong time which is why I analyze your media and contact strategies and offers practical advice for improving results.

✔ Marketing Calendar Analysis and Enhancement: Your marketing calendar keeps your team focused on tasks, deadlines and deliverables so the operation flows smoothly and efficiently – hitting deadlines, remaining on or under budget, etc.

✔ Strategic Plan Analysis: Your marketing plan needs to be a working document that accurately reflects your plans and intentions – and that requires details so everyone on your team understands who is doing what, why and how it impacts everyone else.  I will analyze your existing plan and offer specific recommendations on  how to make it more effective for your organization.

This includes evaluating your marketing calendar, test plans, budgets, pro formas and breakeven analysis for all lead generation campaigns.

This offer is subject to change without notice. 

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