Content and Keywords


Content and keywords.

Every so often, the conversation turns to content marketing, SEO, keywords…should content drive keywords or keywords drive content?

My recommendation is this – write for your audience, keywords should follow.

And my reasoning is this…I know my audience and the content I create is going to be sent to them directly (an attachment to an email, an insert in direct mail) or as part of an offer that is sent to them (Click here to download or Call me and I will send you).


They will not need keywords to find it…I will be placing it in their hands or under their noses. Finding it isn’t the issue…but the content is key because it must be unique, valuable, relevant and motivational.

The primary purpose of the content is to educate, motivate the reader so you can engage with them further and gain their trust so that you are better positioned to sell them when they are ready to buy.  The primary purpose of the content is NOT to be found in a search.

Keywords come into play with those prospects/members of the target audience that are not primary targets or others that are not part of the target audience but are for some reason interested in the content (students, consultants, competitors). The success of my business doesn’t ride on this group so if they find it, wonderful. And if they don’t, no big deal.

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