Do You Need A Content Marketer Or A Copywriter?


One question I get asked a lot is “Do I need a content marketer or a copywriter?”

Well, as I like to tell my students, one of that my pet peeves is that marketers love to create new words for existing terms, then use the new term to appear to be different from others offering the same services. 

The result is a lot of BS and confusion in a world that, in my humble opinion, has enough of both to last to the end of time.

Because your business needs to communicate with your prospective clients as well as your current and former clients, you are going to need content like blogs, podcasts, email campaigns, lead magnets and more. 

And your business needs copy written for direct mail, ads, product brochures, web pages, landing pages and more.

For the first, a content marketer will create the content you need to attract and convert and retain profitable customers.

And for the second, a copywriter will write copy that motivates the reader to take a specific action.  That action could be to subscribe to your newsletter, register for a webinar, submit a web form to download a white paper or buy your product.

Some would have you believe that the content marketer and the copywriter are two vastly different skill sets.

And that is an example of a marketer adding a little more BS and confusion into the world.

Let me explain.

Great Content Is Well Written

Content is another word for information.  And content marketing is all about sharing your expertise with your prospective and current clients so that they become more informed about the topics you are an expert in.  Additionally, they become more aware of you and your expertise which leads to trust and, eventually, business for you.

And when content is beautifully written, the audience has a more enjoyable and effective learning experience.  They will also a more positive image of you.

When content is poorly written, most of us will not learn a thing beyond how we hated the content and that the provider of the content for wasting our time.

You probably noticed that I am referring to writing, yet content can include video as well as audio (podcasts).  That is because I cannot think of any content that doesn’t have a written component.

For videos, you need a script.  Same for podcasts.  Same for sales presentations.  Even interactive content needs something written to explain how and why to use it.

You get the point.

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Great Writing Needs Great Content

Have you ever received an email or read an ad that was just incredibly well written that you could not put it down, even though the information was not relevant to you?

I have not had that experience.  I might give the email or the ad a few more seconds of my attention, just in case something pops up that I am interested in.  But I usually put it aside and move on to something else because I have too much to do.

Great Content And Copywriting Motivate the Audience to Take Action

Whenever you communicate with your prospective and current customers, you want to provide them with relevant information and extend an offer that motivates them to do something.

In certain circumstances, that something is access more relevant information.  And in other circumstances, that something is purchase your products.

And that blend of educate and motivate requires someone that knows how to create great content and write great copy.  Someone that has experience creating lead magnets that generate leads, and writing copy that makes them click the link, call, go to your store and buy what you are selling.

There are a lot of content marketers out there.  And a lot of copywriters.  But there are not a lot of people that can deliver great content and copy.

They can educate, entertain and motivate your audience – and that will produce profitable growth for your business.

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