3 Reasons You Need an Email Audit

  • Increase Open Rates
  • Increase Click Rates
  • Increase Sales

Click the button to the right to schedule a no obligation consult – we can discuss your wants, needs, expectations and answer any questions.  The base Email Audit costs $649 – but can be customized, if you prefer.

The Base Audit Includes:

Email Strategy

I review your written email strategy and your campaign brief for your most recent email campaign so I can offer suggestions for improvement

email marketing processes

From kick-off through reviews, approvals and sending the email - I will look for ways to save you time, money, sanity while improving performance.

List Management

I evaluate the effectiveness of your list building strategies with recommendations for improvement, if necessary.

Email design & copy

From messages and offers to copywriting, CTAs and more - I provide you with strong and consistent and relevant for your audience.

Campaign Performance

Review campaign performance on key metrics to determine if your campaigns are as effective as your business needs.

Testing strategy

Testing means improving and I will dig into your testing strategy and data to provide you with feedback and recommendations for taking testing to a higher level.

Technology & infrastructure

What features and benefits are available with your current email and analytics platforms - how are they being utilized and how can they be better utilized to meet your growing needs.

All for $649.

pat mcgraw
email marketing certification

About Pat McGraw

With more than 20-years of email marketing experience with small, mid-sized and large corporations and NGOs across a broad array of industries – I can help you identify opportunities to improve your email marketing performance.

And this Email Audit is a highly-effective way to bring your performance to the next level.

Don’t delay – click the button below, submit the form and let’s talk about your specific wants and needs and expectations. Let me answer your questions and, if you feel it’s the right thing to do for your business, we can schedule a time to start and develop a project timeline.

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You Also Receive

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