Email Subject Lines: Tips to Increase Open Rates


Email subject lines really do play a key part in the success of our email marketing efforts.  I mean, let’s be honest – we all skim the subject lines for either someone we know or a subject line that we can’t resist.

There are more than what’s listed on this infographic dedicated to the wonderful world of subject lines – but if you hit some or all of what’s listed, you should see some strong open rates moving forward.

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For example, playing to the emotions of the reader can be very effective.  Greed. Fear.

“Don’t let them break into your home today” could be an interesting subject line for a home alarm/security offer.  “Today’s Jackpot is $500 million – feeling lucky?” could work for a lottery.

As with all marketing – remember to test.  And once you have a winner identified – test some more. Keep trying to outperform your control/winner because that’s how we get to lower costs and increase profitable revenue!

Oh, and also remember that the email subject line should be a lead into the actual email itself.  After all, getting them to open the email is important but you do want them to act on whatever your offer is in the email.

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