Marketing Communications Basics


I was reading “Best Practices Exist for a Reason, Part 2: Landing Pages” and it got me thinking…

First, the article is filled with practical and valuable information so please take the time to read it.

Second, if you find yourself learning new things and saying to yourself “Well, no kidding…really!?”, find some time to hire someone that knows this stuff because you need the help.


Over the past several years, as “marketers” have become “technologists” that tend to understand the tech but not the audience or the competition or the market…I have run into too many that don’t know the basics of communications.

Take, for example, the author’s first point:

Your LP Headline Should Match Your Email Headline: While this may not seem like rocket science, prospects can get easily confused. You have less than a second to help them take the next step, so why create confusion with a brand new headline that is seemingly unrelated to the email they opened, read and clicked?

Too many forget that our job is to make it easy, simple, fast, convenient for the reader.  We change the headlines.  We change the creative.  We confuse the hell out of the poor sucker that clicked the link.

Communication is about providing the person with fast, easy access to accurate, relevant information that addresses their questions and concerns while motivating them to move forward/take the next step in your business.

Do you agree? Do you think that gets lost all too frequently?  What are you doing at your place of work to avoid this common error?

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