Omnichannel social selling or Why Your Marketing Sucks


“Omnichannel social selling based upon digital inbound storytelling engages buyers in order to deliver personalized re-marketing messages that humanize the brand.”

I grow tired of marketing jargon, aka bullsh*t.

Can’t we just talk about the fact that your business doesn’t [a] understand its target audience/segments, [b] understand the competition, [c] understand the market, and [d] understand its own strengths and weaknesses so you are offering the wrong products and services at the wrong prices via the wrong distribution channels to the wrong people.

But please, focus on mobile.  Live under the false belief that all you need are more leads at a lower cost.

I’m teaching an Intro to Marketing course again and the first case study is about Pizza Hut and how they have mastered e-commerce with their website and a ‘killer app’ that lets the user ‘…tilt the device so they can see the topping move to one half of the pizza rather than cover the entire pizza…’ because this allows the consumer to ‘engage with the brand’.

The CMO is even featured as he explains that he hopes to get to the point where all phones are removed from the retail locations because all orders are placed online.

Then one student points out that all that e-commerce-killer app stuff is nice but it would be better if they could actually deliver their product to his home rather than force him to pick it up at the closest retail location which is inconvenient.

Basic blocking and tackling.  Distribution.  Making sure that you can get your product/service into the hands of the majority of your audience.

Nah, that’s boring so let’s focus on that app and make sure if we tilt the device to the left, all the mushrooms move to the left size of the pizza.  And get those phone outta here – because the Internet connection never crashes!

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