Post-Purchase Email Program


Congratulations – a new, first-time customer have been achieved.  You worked hard to generate the lead, nurture it through the buying process and then – BAM – they laid out the cash and bought what you’re selling.

Now what?

Too many businesses drop the ball here.

Some toss the new customer into the email subscription file and wait for them to come back and buy again.

Others ignore them because they focus on bringing in new customers – and assuming they will return because they are a customer!

The Value of Post- Purchase Email Campaigns

buyers remorse
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Reason #1: Buyer's Remorse and Minimizing Returns

The buyer – be they consumer or business – has just gone through a stressful process.  And now that they have made the decision, it’s natural to begin to wonder “Did I just do the right thing?”

That’s one reason a Post-Purchase Email Campaign is important.  This campaign allows you to reinforce the wisdom of their decision – to remind them of the reasons they chose you over the others.

Reason #2: Onboading New Customers

This was their first purchase with your company – they don’t know what to do or expect when it comes to services and support, so use your Post-Purchase Email Campaign help.

Through your email introduce the people responsible for making sure they are a happy customer.  This positions your brand for repeat purchase opportunities.

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Reason #3: More Data

You have gathered some data through the process, but there are probably some pieces of insight you still need to know so you can build and maintain your segments and personas – so now is the time.

Ask the questions you need answered, capture the data and put it to work for you advantage – like making the customer experience more valuable so you increase retention rates, referrals and lifetime value.

Reason #4: Loyalty and Advocacy

No, I am not suggesting to treat your customers like dogs…well, then again.

Loyalty programs are highly effective for building longer, more mutually beneficial relationships between customers and businesses.

Increase order size. Increase order frequency. Increase referrals.

So use the Post-Purchase Email Program to explain the benefits that await them if they elect to participate – then get them registered and actively participating.

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A Few Final Thoughts

Make this effort a dialogue, not a series of mini-lectures and offers to buy more now.

Ask questions.  Acknowledge their responses with praise and gratitude.

Offer them opportunities to review your efforts in a public forum so that others can see, read and use in their decision making process.

And remember random acts of kindness – because we all love pleasant surprises.

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