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Email Audit

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The purpose of the email audit is to identify opportunities to improve results and reduce the resources (human, financial) necessary to take your campaigns from “Kick-off” to “Post Campaign Analysis”.

You receive a detailed report explaining strengths and weaknesses of current email marketing efforts as well as recommendations for improving your email performance with your existing resources.


Your email audit starts with an analysis of your three most recent campaigns.  The following factors are analyzed:

  • The name of each flow
  • List selection criteria and any additional filters
  • Goal/objective
  • When the campaign was kicked off with writers/designers/other staff
  • Presentation of initial concepts (how long, what was presented, what was the outcome of this step)
  • Presentation of 2nd round review (how long, what was presented, what was the outcome)
  • When the campaign started
  • When subsequent emails in the campaign were sent
  • What triggered subsequent emails
  • Results at each email (Open Rate, Clicks, Conversions, Other)
  • A preview link to each email
  • Key messaging points (what is the purpose of the email?)
  • Target CTA (where does this link to?)

Next, the following is rated and scored:

  • From Line
    • Personal, professional name
    • Company domain included
  • Subject line length between 60-70 characters
    • Personalization included and checked for accuracy
    • No ‘spammy’ words
  • Preheader
    • Preheader text exists
    • Provides additional context about the email’s purpose
  • Headline
    • A headline exists in the email
    • The headline is in large, bold, readable font
    • The headline gives subscribers an idea of what the email is about
  • Body
    • Short, clear text
    • Bulleted lists used when necessary for clarity
    • The color schedule is appealing and brand appropriate
    • Text talks to the subscriber, not at them
    • The text focuses on benefits not features
  • Call to Action
    • The call to action is a button
    • The email has 1 call to action
    • Text inside the call to action is urgent
  • Images
    • Clear, relevant images used
    • Alt text included
    • Images are compressed for quick load time
  • Branding
    • Logo and company name included
    • Clicking logo takes subscribers to company home page
    • Messaging is consistent with brand and vision
  • Footer
    • Unsubscribe button is obvious to find
    • Contact information included
    • Social icons are clickable

The following questions are discussed.

  • Who is your email service provider?
  • What training has email marketing team received?
  • What are the strengths of the email service provider?
  • What are the weaknesses of the email service provider?

And we want to understand what features are included in your level of service with the email service provider?  For example:

  • Mobile-friendly templates
  • A free image library
  • SPAM scoring
  • Email previews that show specific devices
  • Personalization techniques
  • Drip campaign capabilities
  • Behavioral targeting
  • Email preference centers
  • Integrations
  • Customized, comprehensive analytics
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Complete and submit this form and I will contact you within 1 business day. Or you can schedule an appointment here.

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