Student Recruitment Content Marketing Assessment

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An extensive 50+ point assessment of your student recruitment content marketing efforts that will identify opportunities to improve performance and generate more enrollments.

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How You Benefit

The Assessment focuses on helping you save three valuable resources – time, money, and even a little piece of your sanity – while also identifying ways to leverage your existing resources to generate more enrollments.

Typical recommendations focus on:

  • How to create more unique, engaging content for your audience that builds awareness and trust.
  • How to develop and test more effective messaging and offers (calls to action).
  • How to make it easier for your audience to access the information they need at any given time quickly.
  • And more.

How Does The Assessment Work?

We discuss the target audience(s) and academic program(s) you wish to focus on for this Assessment during our video conference call.  We also discuss your specific goals and objectives for the assessment.  Then, once everything has been agreed upon, the assessment is executed in three stages.  See below for details.

Student Recruitment Content
Marketing Assessment

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  • INTERVIEWS**: Up to 10 members of the target audience(s) are interviewed so that we identify their wants, needs, decision-making process, and criteria. Additionally, we explore their thoughts concerning your content marketing effectiveness during the recruitment process - what they saw as strengths, weaknesses, and gaps.
  • ASSESSMENT: The Assessment uses more than 50-factors to assess your recruitment content marketing efforts across digital media, traditional media, owned media, and social media.

    There are two stages to the Assessment. The first stage focuses on how you intended the content to be consumed, while the second stage focuses on the prospective student's perspective of the experience.

    This two-pronged approach helps determine if the prospective student's experience matches your plans. Gaps between actual versus intended experiences can identify valuable opportunities.
  • PRESENTATION OF RECOMMENDATIONS: Your deliverables will include a written report of findings and recommendations, a video conference presentation of the findings and recommendations, and a Q&A session.
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Can You Help Us Implement The Recommendations?

Yes, I can – and I would be happy to help you bring the recommendations to life.

Can The Assessment be Customized?

Of course!  We can discuss specifics during our video conference call.

How long does this take from start to finish?

Typically, an assessment will take three to four weeks from start to finish.  And a timeline with tasks and owners will be part of the scope of work.