The One Thing Marketers Need To Focus On To Succeed


The one thing that marketers need to focus on in order to achieve their goals and objectives is the customer.

Forget focusing on ways on digital or inbound or marketing automation or…

Focus on the customer.

What do they need?  What do they expect?  How can you consistently deliver unique, valuable solutions to them so they never have to look elsewhere?

Here’s the deal, best in class marketing is about having the right solution for the right audience and delivering the right message and offer to the right person at the right time via the right channel in order to motivate the right action.

Got a crappy product or service that’s over-priced?  Making your email look better or writing a better Subject line or creating a better micro-site/landing page might generate some improvements…but the big wins come from your ability to understand your audience so well that you can consistently deliver a unique, valuable solution to them.

That creates positive word-of-mouth, loyal advocates, referrals…

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