Use the Right Channel to Deliver Your Message Clearly, Concisely


Remember when the goal was to successfully communicate with others – you know, use the right channel to deliver your message to the right people, clearly and accurately so all parties understand?

So I was reading this article about a former writer from the Simpsons offering up some constructive criticism and helpful ideas to McDonald’s via Twitter.

(Yes, I was bored…stuck between meetings with too little time to do anything really productive.)

I got about one-third of the way through the writer’s tweets, wrote the following comment (see below) and elected to use what little time I had left to do anything but read more tweets…I offer this up to all your digital marketers that seem so hellbent on using the technology regardless of its strengths, weaknesses, limitations…

Some things are best written outside the confines of 140 character. Full sentences creating full paragraphs help some of us clearly understand WTF you’re attempting to communicate and it has been known to help the writer flush out more complete, clear and concise thoughts.

Thoughts? Reactions?

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