9 Ways to Grow Your Email List


Searching for proven ways to grow your email list?  Well, before I share my 9 golden tips…you should also download my Email Checklist that has 26 steps you need to address to help produce a more effective email campaign.

Oh, and then you should download my Email Subject Lines infographic that will help generate a higher Open Rate.

And after you’ve finished all that, give me a call so we can discuss your specific situation and the best course of action!

And a Few More Just For Fun

1. Clearly SHOUT Your Unique Value

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For most businesses, awareness is limited – which means most people in your target audience won’t know your business at all or they “think the name sounds familiar” and how no real clue what you do or, more importantly, why they should care.

That’s why it’s critical to SHOUT your unique value right from the start.

What is it that you offer them that no one else can?

Prove it.  And this can come from yourself (“trust me”) or third-parties in the shape of awards and testimonials.

Remember, your audience is asking “What’s in it for me?”

Make sure you make that answer abundantly clear.

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2. Learn Everything You Can About Your Audience

To know what they value – and so you can achieve #1 above – you need to really, really understand your audience.

Yes, that means research.

That means surveys, 1:1 interviews, focus groups – the works.

And I strongly recommend segmentation and creating personas.

The goal of all this is to have the answers you need to be able to identify what it is that makes your business uniquely valuable to the audience/segments/personas so you can SHOUT that value and attract subscribers.

Download my Complimentary Consumer and Business Buyer Persona Templates

3. Liven Up Your SignUp Forms

Make things fun. Make your signup forms unique, different.

Want an example?  Check out OptinMonster’s Coupon Wheel Optin…and let me know what you think.

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